A battle in the USA

As you know, Young Fighters is set in the United States. I've mentioned it on a post once (The birth of Young Fighters) and now I think it's time to explain why a Finnish girl writes a book series that is set in USA. Thank you, Jouneezeh, for giving me the idea for this post! And thank you, Virtuefiction, for inspiring me to write more in English! It's great to hear that someone is looking forward to my posts.

So, why USA? It's definitely because of the story. The first thing about Young Fighters I saw in my mind was the protagonist. I just saw her in my mind and knew she is American and that her name is Amy. There were also three other things I found out  immediately. First: Amy loves her friends; second: Amy's grandfather got murdered and third: the legacy of Amy's grandfather is a computer chip.

The basic idea of Young Fighters made it clear that the story couldn't be set in Finland. Our country is too small. It's also difficult to imagine that someone would inherit a computer chip in Finland. It's a very powerful device that is chased by unknown criminal organization. That doesn't fit Finland. 

The USA has inspired me a lot from the start. It's a huge society that has it's own rulesI've been interested in the United States for several years so it's been amazing and interesting to build a world around the country. In Young Fighters I describe 1) crimes that brake state lines and 2) how the crimes affect Amy and her friends and the people who have no idea of what is really happening in their country. Young Fighters is pretty much about a big battle between the criminal organization and the people who protect the chip - and also a battle between privacy and publicity. This is one of the reasons why I write about American people instead Finnish. The villains of the series are really bad and their crimes are really shocking - they need a strong adversary. The media and the policy, for example, have much more power in the USA than in Finland. Many countries don't have the kind of enemies that the USA could have.

In the beginning of Young Fighters the villains are a threat only to Amy and her friends. Amy is "nobody" and the center of the battle at the same time. What happens when the threat becomes real to everyone? How will the USA react? Who will survive? Will the chip stay safe? These are fascinating questions to answer. 

When I plotted Young Fighters, I wanted to create something different. Almost every Finnish writer writes about Finnish people, Finnish culture, Finnish nature and so on. I didn't want to do that. It's ordinary. Amy's life definitely isn't ordinary.

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