A muse called Samantha Shannon

I want to tell you something about Samantha Shannon and how she has been inspiring me since I heard of her the first time.

It all begun when one friend of mine told me about a girl who was called the next J.K.Rowling and who had signed with Bloomsbury for her debut novel, The bone season. Next she said: "This girl made me think about you."

I got curious and started to find out what kind of person we were talking about. I visited the website of Bloomsbury and found Samantha's blog. I read her first post right away: you'll find it here: Miss Shannon remarks - The story so far

Soon I found out that we really have something in common: we are almost at the same age, we both write a book series and we had the idea as we were very young (I was eleven years old and Samantha was fifteen). We both are also literature students and the most of all: we both love writing.

Samantha's debut novel, The bone season, will be released globally in August 2013. It's the first book of the series and the genre has said to be fantasy, science fiction and urban fantasy. I think the last one describes the novel the best. Read Samantha's blog and find out more about the book - I want to give the honour of describing it to her.

I got hooked on Samantha's blog after the first post. I've read all her posts and my love for them keeps growing. I love her way to write and describe the writing process. Her text is fluent and easy to read and it shows how much she loves writing. Samantha has shared a lot of her experiences of publishing process and given tips for her readers who are writing their first novel. I can't even count how many times her text has made my day.

Samantha is lovely also because she is so supportive. To me she has given a lot of inspiration and motivation to finish my novel. She makes her readers believe in themselves and reminds us that we should not give up.

Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your blog with us and making sure that we fight until our books are out there. I'm sure the world will love The bone season! You're great. 

If you're interested in her book, there's a fansite on facebook. Just search with words The bone season and like! I can only imagine how great it is. I can't wait to read it! 

I will write more about her in the future. Stay tuned.


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