For my peacekeeper

This post is dedicated to my friend who is going to spend next six months in Lebanon as a peacekeeper. He's leaving tomorrow with over a hundred people and comes back in May. This has been his dream for a long time so I'm very happy for him - even though I'm a little scared sometimes. But, like he said, nothing bad has happened to Finnish peace keeping force in Lebanon, so I shouldn't have a reason to be worried.

I want to tell you something about him because he's one of the first who I've told about Young Fighters. He's always been very supportive and made me believe in myself when I have been insecure. He is also a great muse: he gave an idea for a character in Young Fighters, for example. He gives me strength to write when writing is difficult and I feel nothing is going right.

Another reason to write about him is that he's a real treasure. He has shown me what true friendship means. He's always there for me and also gives me a chance to be there for him. He makes me smile even in my darkest days and is always ready to talk with me. I know I can tell him everything - I can't imagine a day when I couldn't trust him. He knows what I'm going to say before I say a word. Could say we have a strong connection.

During the years we've known each other I have learned a lot about life and myself. I can't find words to describe all the good things he gives me all the time. Sometimes I have said something like this about him:

"There are many people who can help me to get back on my feet, but he is one of the few who can keep me from falling."

I think this says something about how much he means to me.

Because of our friendship it's also been easy for me to write about friendship, one of the main themes of Young Fighters. I've created many friendships between my characters that I try to describe the way they deserve. One of the greatest friendships is the friendship between the protagonist and Sam, the characters inspired by my friend. I'm looking forward to write the chapters that bring it to life. Writing about friendship is a way to thank my "peacekeeper" for all the support he has given me in my life. I'm really lucky to have him in my life.

Here's a song that always reminds me of him. He linked it to me once in a special situation and after that it has made my day many times. It's a beatiful song that gives me strength in every situation. 

And here is another song that fits this post - specially because I've just written about a person who definitely keeps peace in my life. I will miss him so much.

"All I need is a memory of you
And I'll hold my head high
I won't let anything break me down
I'll walk through tears and stones

Across the distance 
I can feel your embrace
I know you're here with me

I keep walking
through tears and stones
Because you're here with me
and show me the way when I can't see"


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