Great news and the writing mood (first posted in October)

First I want to tell you something: The bone season will be also a film. Samantha announced it on her blog Saturday. Read her latest post to know what I'm talking about: Miss Shannon remarks - Film rights optioned

I'm so happy for Samantha. This is amazing! It's really great to see how much people love her book. 

When I first saw the title of the newest post I was like "Wow. Film rights. Wow." Next I thought of how great this is and how quickly this all happened. Not every writer gets an opportunity like this. Samantha's story is unique.

I've been working on my novel every minute it's been possible during last seven months, and the news about The bone season gave me a huge inspiration to work harder. I'm in a state of mind that I call writing mood.

This state of mind - or state of inspiration - is a state where everything I do and hear gives me ideas and makes me want to write. It usually begins when I listen to some inspiring music or read a good book; it begins with thoughts that grows until I have an idea of a scene or a chapter. Writing mood is a combination of feelings and action: something makes me think and then I want to write. When I'm on the writing mood, I think of my characters and the chapters I'm writing - I think of everything that has something to do with Young Fighters. I inspire myself every way I can: by reading, watching movies, listening to music, eating chocolate, having many cups of tea a day; anything that keeps me writing. Usually the writing mood grows with time and makes me feel like I was living in the world of Young Fighters. This time it started in March - now it gets stronger every day. If I had a chance, I would write all night long.

During this very longintensive state of inspiration I have read all the chapters I had written, started to make my editing list, rewritten one chapter and written eight new chapters. Lately I've finished few unfinished  chapters that were really challenging from the start. Last week I started to write two completely new chapters: I'll work on them this week. I've also checked my word count: it's now about 75000 words. It sounds huge.

 My goal is to finish the novel in December and send it to publishing houses. I can only imagine the feeling when I've really done it.

I'm really getting forward. It's awesome. Thank you for stopping by! Every reader is a treasure.


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