Plotting and making progress (first posted in July 2012)

So, more about Young Fighters. First, the serie will be long. I don't know exactly, how long, but at least ten books. That's what I think today. Of course it may change. Second, I work on the first Young Fighters novel every day. And third, I love writing it.

In eight years I've written many versions of my first novel. All the versions had the same basic idea, but I realized there was something  wrong in the manuscript every time I started to read it. Too many characters, something didn't fit in the plot or the words didn't come out easily. The text wasn't fluent or something just didn't feel good. So I started to write again. I decided to write a completely new manuscript and solve the problems I had with the text.

The first thing to do was to think which of the characters were important. There were few characters that were difficult to describe - I think I didn't have a strong connection with them. I put them aside and concentrated those who really were part of the plot.

Next I made changes to the plot. I removed some events and discovered new, I changed to course of the events, created one new relationship and so on. I've written many chapters again, most of them are in the beginning of the book. Some changes I've made in the last four months and I guess I have to rewrite at least five chapters before I can say the manuscript is finished. Most of the text will be totally new.

One of the problems I had was that my writing was too rush. I hadn't described situations enough and I gave too much information in one chapter. I tried to say too many things at the same time. The version I was writing about three years ago is full of things like that. When I started to rewrite the novel, I did it much slower and told myself that I have to trust myself. Nowadays I don't rush and I let my heart to tell me what to write.

Last year I started to look for inspiration more actively. During the high school I didn't have much time to read, for example. Now I have and I've made the most of it: I've been reading fantasy, drama, thrillers - almost everything from Stephen King to Michael Connelly. I have found so many interesting books that they don't fit in my bookcase. Because music plays a big role in my writing, I also search music that inspires me. Since I've written every day for about four months I've let my friends to read my text and say their opinion. They help me a lot!

Like I already mentioned, I write every day. My goal is to write at least from one to three pages a day and finish the manuscript and the editing process this year. I believe I'm able to do it. Right now I'm writing a chapter that shows how much things have changed in Amy's life and how she's trying to do the right thing in every single situation - which of course is not possible. I love writing it!

Feel free to ask questions. Have a good weekend!


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