About the writing process part 2: Three years full of inspiration

So, about to second period of Young Fighters. I could say those three years were full of writing. I started to write the first version of the manuscript in summer 2005 and completed it about in a year. I spent all time I had writing, which sometimes was few hours a day or one day in a week. I didn't have many plans for the first version - I just wrote what felt right.

When I had finished the first version of the novel, I put the manuscript aside for six months. I knew there were many things that didn't work yet, but I didn't want to rush. I needed a break, too. So I didn't even read the manuscript during those six months. Nowadays I wonder how I was able to leave the text for so long time.

It was February 2007 when I started to work with my novel again. I was on holiday for a week and decided to use it writing, to make the story better. I made huge changes to the plot: I removed some scenes, I changed the order of most events in the book, I removed some characters and created new characters, planned new chapters, decided to put some of the events in the sequel... During that one week I wrote from nine to twelve  hours a day, about 5,000 words every day. It was crazy. I had never experienced an inspiration like that before. It felt like I couldn't think anything but writing. My head was full of ideas, my characters were on my mind all the time. 

I continued writing more regularly and kept working hard until I finished the second version of the MS. I read lot of books that year, for example Harry Potter series again, a lot of crime fiction and some novels we studied at school. Music inspired me more than before - 2007 was the year I found Daughtry. I listened to their first album every time I wrote and let the songs make wonders to my writing. Many of the scenes I created while listening their music are still in the first Young Fighters novel - I have only developed and edited them.

This huge, long state of inspiration took me to the point where I was fifteen years old, I had finished two versions of my first novel and started to make third one. If the second period of Young Fighters should be described by two words, the words would be progress and inspiration. There were no problems, only happiness and developing in the period - writing felt like the easiest and the loveliest thing to do.


  1. Reading about the history of your writing makes me think that you must have changed a lot as a person during these years of your life. What kind of effect did this have on your novel, and how different is the early draft compared to what you have now?

    Thanks for detailing your story for us. It really is fascinating to see how each of us approach our work and write our stories. As always, I am looking forward to the first ARC whenever that time comes! :)

    One last thing, I think other readers of your blog (including me) would be interested to learn more about you as a person. Maybe you could write a post for us one day?

    1. Good questions! I'll write a post about them.

      You're welcome. I think it's more interesting to read a book if you get some information about the writer and the writing process. That's one of the reasons why I started the Young Fighters blog: I want to give my readers chance to see what writing a book really means and also show them different ways to approach writing. Oh boy, I can only imagine how thrilled I'll be when the ARC time comes! :)

      Of course I can! I love to write about topics that my readers are interested in, so thanks for your questions!

  2. You were in a writing zone! I love when that happens. It's kind of like pure magic.


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