Last updates for 2012

Word count now: 94, 851 (I made few big edits. That's why word count is now smaller than last time)

Finished chapters: 16

Unfinished chapters: 11

Unwritten chapters: 6 

How many words I have to write: About 65000 words (Let's see if I'm right!)

Edits to do: Mostly small edits, I think.

Plan for the holiday in Tenerife: I'll do some research. I'll check I've written everything right, I'll take a lot of pictures and make a list for possible edits for the Tenerife chapters. 

I've also made some plans for 2013, but I'll tell about them when I come back to Finland.

Happy new year! See you in January.


  1. Wow, this is a long novel. All mine are about 80K for paranormal and 60K for contemporary. I think the longest one I've written is near 90K. Good for you!

    1. Yeah, it's longer than I thought it would be when I started to write the newest draft. You have great word counts too!


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