Friday night in Américas

We spent the Friday night taking pictures and eating in a lovely restaurant along the promenade. Here are some pictures for you:

View from our table

Our meal

Delicious pepper sauce!

I loved these funny classes!

... And here are the desserts  

Both made of Italian ice cream. 

The restaurant was called Mania and the food was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to visit the restaurant again!

And a picture of me and Joonas <3

And few photos from our hotel:

The gate

Beautiful Christmas lights <3

I love these Spanish lanterns. They are somehow mysterious.

The pool.  This picture is already inspiring one romantic scene.

These pictures help me to describe Playa de las Américas and write few scenes that are probably going to me swoon.. And hopefully you too if Young Fighters will be translated in English!


Plan for week 5

This week I'll put editing aside and focus on writing. My goals are to write about 4000 words this week and finish another chapter.



Character interview: Amy

Hi Amy, and thanks for coming!

Hi everyone! You're welcome.

All right, Amy, could you tell something about yourself?

I love people and having long, deep conversations with them. My favorite time of year is summer and I enjoy eating delicious food and travelling. Mysteries fascinate me and give me something to think always when I need.. Would you like to know something else?

This is good for now. How would you describe your life?

It's full of riddles and questions without answers. Because I'm hunted by a criminal organization and a serial killer, it's also quite dangerous.

Wait a minute... How did you end up a situation like that?

My grandfather left me a computer chip. I should protect it from the organization I mentioned. The leader wants the chip - that's why I'm always in danger. 

You're protecting a computer chip from the bad guys,  right?

Right. My grandfather gave me the mission.

How do feel about the mission your grandfather gave you?

Sometimes I can't believe it's true. At the beginning I was wondering how he thought I'd manage. Then I started to think it is an honor and a chance to do something that really matters. Nowadays I think this is a good mission for me: grandfather knew how much I love to solve all kinds of riddles. He knew I'd never rest before I had found out the whole truth.

Why did you accept the mission even though you had a right to say no?

Because I wanted to know who I really am. I also knew that I must face this someday, so I decided to do it at once.

You're brave.

I'm not always that brave, believe me. Sometimes even passersby scare me.

For some reason I don't wonder why. What is important to you?

Friends, family, creativity. Staying alive.

What have you been doing lately?

I can't tell you, I'm sorry. If I did it would be dangerous for both of us...

I guess I don't want to know. Do have a book on your mind you'd like to recommend?

How long list you want me to make? There are too many great book out there, but I have to say one, I'll say The shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I've read it many times and I never get bored with it.

Thank you! Just for fun: what kind of film your life would be?

This one is tough! My childhood was normal. Cinematic things started to happen when I was a teen: my grandpa died and left me the desirable device, I fell in love and so on. They could make an interesting action film about my new life, I guess.

I bet they could. Thank you for the interview! See you again.

No problem. See you!

What would you ask Amy?


Plans for week four

This week I will:

- Read one of the finished chapters and think about edits for it.

- Write 300-600 new words a day.

- Edit about 30 words a day.


In hurry

This week wasn't so good for writing. I had too many things to do, for example reading Odysseia and taking part to a birthday party. It was fun, but it led my thought away from writing. Next week more!


About the writing process part three: A rollercoaster called writing

For those who don't know: I've written two posts about the writing history of Young Fighters and this is the third. You find the two texts here: About the writing process part 1 and About the writing process part 2

Third period of Young Fighters lasted from autumn 2008 to autumn 2011: three years of upper secondary school (Finnish high school) and about four months after graduation. It was hard time for writing because I had so many things to do and a lot of people who needed my time. It was very inspiring time, but it was also time of struggling. One day my words were flying, next day I couldn't write anything.

Writing a novel is always like a rollercoaster, but during those years I had the most serious problems with my writing. There were several months I couldn't write a word. It just didn't work. Every time I tried, my thoughts became a mess and I got frustrated. I wasn't able to concentrate. There were days I was really afraid of I would never finish the novel. That was terrible, but after getting through it I understood that the writer's blocks were caused by strong emotional issues that were developing in the first Young Fighters novel. I was getting deeper into the story and finding out how I should tell it. So I tried to give my ideas some time.

In the good times I had many of my best ideas for the sequel, and I can't wait to use them. Thinking of the second book was exciting and made me notice some parts in the first book that I have to clarify later. My writing wasn't regular: I often worked on the MS for a week or two like there was nothing else I could think of and then stop for a month. But when I wrote, the text was better than ever.

I also wrote the first drafts of few new chapters that are still in the manuscript and are waiting for editing. One of them is about Amy's first meeting with a serial killer who is yearning to kill her. The rest of them are connected to a new romance between two Amy's friends and to other emotional issues. Writing those chapters is one of the greatest writing experiences I've had. I wish to edit the chapters soon.

Later I'll post something about how my writing has felt this week. Hope this post gives you some interesting information about Young Fighters.


This week I will...

- Start writing a new chapter

- Write 300-600 new words a day

- Edit about 30 words a day

Slow start, exciting end

I started week two slowly. I didn't force myself to write more than I could write naturally. I also had to put editing aside few times because I wanted to finish the chapter I had been writing since Monday. It's finished now, so I can start writing the next one. 

I watched three movies (Hunger games, Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes - A game of shadows) to get more inspired. It worked; I wrote over 1000 words one day. I'm getting on the right track!

Now I've written 3065 of 65000 word. Not a bad start for the year!

If you have something on your mind you'd like to know about Young Fighters, tell me. I'm planning new posts and I'd love to hear what you would like to read.


From Playa de las Américas to Fañabe

One of the first things you notice when you've arrived to Tenerife is that there are flowers and plants everywhere. 

Here are some examples from our hotel, Hacienda del sol. Our hotel was small, traditional, very beautiful and located near Veronicas, the center of over a hundred night clubs. 

Walking through this was quite a good start for a day.

From the pool

Beautiful, isn't it?

The details <3

We spent Friday (December 28) walking around and exploring new areas. We walked along the promenade  that is one of my favorite places in Playa de las Americas. It's also one of the places I've used a lot in the first Young Fighters novel. It seems to be an endless street - we walked over four hours before we turned back and we didn't see the end of it.

From above a new beach club.

I loved these funny monkeys!

The right side of the promenade is full of restaurants and little stores. I could have spent all day buying things!

A four star hotel along the promenade. It's a perfect place for a hotel, I think.

Palm trees everywhere = I love it

Commercial center  in Fañabe, another resort next to Playa de las Américas. (Or I guess it was - the areas are so connected that it's difficult to say where the line goes)

Walking by the see always makes me think about writing.

Beautiful landscapes always inspire me, so you can imagine what this does to my writing. 

 All day long I tried to loot at the places through Amy's eyes. I figured out what she was thinking of when she  saw these places and how she felt about being in Tenerife. I got ideas of new scenes and edits for the chapters I have already written. These pictures will help a lot when I write.


Plan for week 2

My plans for week two are:

- to write 300-600 new words a day

- to edit about 50 words a day

- to finish one of the unfinished Tenerife chapters

Sunday I will tell you how I succeeded.

Some details of Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the Canaria Islands and it's surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. The nearest islands are La Gomera (in the west from Tenerife) and Cran Canaria (in the east from Tenerife). Tenerife's area is 2032 square kilometers and it's population is about 900 000 people. All the Canaria Islands belong to Spain, but they have autonomy and own president. 

The flight from Helsinki to Tenerife took about six hours. We landed Reina Sophia airport on Thursday December 27 and arrived our hotel about an hour after the landing. The journey to Playa de las Americas took only 15 minutes, but we had to stop many hotels before we got out of the bus. 

A picture from the plane.

Playa de las Americas is a small town on the South coast of Tenerife. It's one of the newest resorts in Tenerife and it's very popular - you can see hotels everywhere. I'll tell you more about las Americas soon. 

Here's two pictures of a very beautiful sunset that made me think of the romantic parts of the Tenerife chapters. They are taken from a restaurant we ate on Thursday.

I could look at this forever.


Plans and goals for 2013

Before I write the first post about my holiday in Tenerife, I'll make some plans for 2013.

Young Fighters goals:

1. I'll finish the first novel and send it to publishing houses.

2. I'll write a list about important details I have to remember when I start writing the second book.

3. I'll start writing the second Young Fighters novel.

These are the main goals for 2013. I'll write about more detailed plans later.

Plans for the blog:

1. I'll write about Tenerife and the places I've used in my novel.

2. I'll write about books that have inspired me.

3. I'll write about inspiring movies and music.

4. I'll give you more information about Young Fighters and it's journey to this point.

5. I'll write more regularly.

6. I'd like to write about new topics.

What would you like to read on this blog? Is there some question you'd like me to answer?


Back in Finland

I just wanted to tell you I'm in Finland again. I'll write a longer post soon. Stay tuned!