About the writing process part three: A rollercoaster called writing

For those who don't know: I've written two posts about the writing history of Young Fighters and this is the third. You find the two texts here: About the writing process part 1 and About the writing process part 2

Third period of Young Fighters lasted from autumn 2008 to autumn 2011: three years of upper secondary school (Finnish high school) and about four months after graduation. It was hard time for writing because I had so many things to do and a lot of people who needed my time. It was very inspiring time, but it was also time of struggling. One day my words were flying, next day I couldn't write anything.

Writing a novel is always like a rollercoaster, but during those years I had the most serious problems with my writing. There were several months I couldn't write a word. It just didn't work. Every time I tried, my thoughts became a mess and I got frustrated. I wasn't able to concentrate. There were days I was really afraid of I would never finish the novel. That was terrible, but after getting through it I understood that the writer's blocks were caused by strong emotional issues that were developing in the first Young Fighters novel. I was getting deeper into the story and finding out how I should tell it. So I tried to give my ideas some time.

In the good times I had many of my best ideas for the sequel, and I can't wait to use them. Thinking of the second book was exciting and made me notice some parts in the first book that I have to clarify later. My writing wasn't regular: I often worked on the MS for a week or two like there was nothing else I could think of and then stop for a month. But when I wrote, the text was better than ever.

I also wrote the first drafts of few new chapters that are still in the manuscript and are waiting for editing. One of them is about Amy's first meeting with a serial killer who is yearning to kill her. The rest of them are connected to a new romance between two Amy's friends and to other emotional issues. Writing those chapters is one of the greatest writing experiences I've had. I wish to edit the chapters soon.

Later I'll post something about how my writing has felt this week. Hope this post gives you some interesting information about Young Fighters.

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