Character interview: Amy

Hi Amy, and thanks for coming!

Hi everyone! You're welcome.

All right, Amy, could you tell something about yourself?

I love people and having long, deep conversations with them. My favorite time of year is summer and I enjoy eating delicious food and travelling. Mysteries fascinate me and give me something to think always when I need.. Would you like to know something else?

This is good for now. How would you describe your life?

It's full of riddles and questions without answers. Because I'm hunted by a criminal organization and a serial killer, it's also quite dangerous.

Wait a minute... How did you end up a situation like that?

My grandfather left me a computer chip. I should protect it from the organization I mentioned. The leader wants the chip - that's why I'm always in danger. 

You're protecting a computer chip from the bad guys,  right?

Right. My grandfather gave me the mission.

How do feel about the mission your grandfather gave you?

Sometimes I can't believe it's true. At the beginning I was wondering how he thought I'd manage. Then I started to think it is an honor and a chance to do something that really matters. Nowadays I think this is a good mission for me: grandfather knew how much I love to solve all kinds of riddles. He knew I'd never rest before I had found out the whole truth.

Why did you accept the mission even though you had a right to say no?

Because I wanted to know who I really am. I also knew that I must face this someday, so I decided to do it at once.

You're brave.

I'm not always that brave, believe me. Sometimes even passersby scare me.

For some reason I don't wonder why. What is important to you?

Friends, family, creativity. Staying alive.

What have you been doing lately?

I can't tell you, I'm sorry. If I did it would be dangerous for both of us...

I guess I don't want to know. Do have a book on your mind you'd like to recommend?

How long list you want me to make? There are too many great book out there, but I have to say one, I'll say The shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I've read it many times and I never get bored with it.

Thank you! Just for fun: what kind of film your life would be?

This one is tough! My childhood was normal. Cinematic things started to happen when I was a teen: my grandpa died and left me the desirable device, I fell in love and so on. They could make an interesting action film about my new life, I guess.

I bet they could. Thank you for the interview! See you again.

No problem. See you!

What would you ask Amy?

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