From Playa de las Américas to Fañabe

One of the first things you notice when you've arrived to Tenerife is that there are flowers and plants everywhere. 

Here are some examples from our hotel, Hacienda del sol. Our hotel was small, traditional, very beautiful and located near Veronicas, the center of over a hundred night clubs. 

Walking through this was quite a good start for a day.

From the pool

Beautiful, isn't it?

The details <3

We spent Friday (December 28) walking around and exploring new areas. We walked along the promenade  that is one of my favorite places in Playa de las Americas. It's also one of the places I've used a lot in the first Young Fighters novel. It seems to be an endless street - we walked over four hours before we turned back and we didn't see the end of it.

From above a new beach club.

I loved these funny monkeys!

The right side of the promenade is full of restaurants and little stores. I could have spent all day buying things!

A four star hotel along the promenade. It's a perfect place for a hotel, I think.

Palm trees everywhere = I love it

Commercial center  in Fañabe, another resort next to Playa de las Américas. (Or I guess it was - the areas are so connected that it's difficult to say where the line goes)

Walking by the see always makes me think about writing.

Beautiful landscapes always inspire me, so you can imagine what this does to my writing. 

 All day long I tried to loot at the places through Amy's eyes. I figured out what she was thinking of when she  saw these places and how she felt about being in Tenerife. I got ideas of new scenes and edits for the chapters I have already written. These pictures will help a lot when I write.


  1. Stunning! Wow. Just looking at the photos warms me up. :) haha the monkeys are really cool. Thanks for sharing. :)


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