Plans and goals for 2013

Before I write the first post about my holiday in Tenerife, I'll make some plans for 2013.

Young Fighters goals:

1. I'll finish the first novel and send it to publishing houses.

2. I'll write a list about important details I have to remember when I start writing the second book.

3. I'll start writing the second Young Fighters novel.

These are the main goals for 2013. I'll write about more detailed plans later.

Plans for the blog:

1. I'll write about Tenerife and the places I've used in my novel.

2. I'll write about books that have inspired me.

3. I'll write about inspiring movies and music.

4. I'll give you more information about Young Fighters and it's journey to this point.

5. I'll write more regularly.

6. I'd like to write about new topics.

What would you like to read on this blog? Is there some question you'd like me to answer?


  1. I always keep a list of important details from book one before starting book two. You need to to make sure you don't have inconsistencies.

    Good luck with your goals.

  2. Don't forget to post pictures from (of) Tenerife!

    1. I won't! I have already planned which of them I'll post first ;)


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