Busy and inspired

My life has been busy lately! I've spent five days in Helsinki, few days in Joensuu and four days at home in Imatra. I've had really inspiring time, and now I'm going  to tell you what kind of effect it has had on me and my writing.

First, I've watched five movies (King Arthur, Drive, The good shepherd, Catch me if you can and Memoirs of a geisha) during last two weeks. Movies tend to give me something to think of, and that's what they did this time, too. King Arthur made me think of emotional issues and action based chapters of Young Fighters. Being violent, Drive made me think of different ways to describe violence. The good shepherd gave me inspiration for mysteries and secrets, and Catch me if you can made me ask myself how the humour works in the first Young Fighters novel. Memoirs of a geisha lead my thoughts to themes like sacrifice, love, fate and loss. I've also been thinking of what kind of role all these themes play in my characters' lives.

During my trip to Helsinki I spent a day with two of my friends, Maria and Aleksi, in the center of Helsinki. They like reading and writing, too, so it wasn't any wonder that we talked a lot about books and our writing ideas. I also bought some materials for two presents - one is a wedding present and the other is a combination of a birthday present and a Valentine's day present. I've already started making the wedding present, and I'll post some pictures of it as soon as I finish it.

I've also had few motivating conversations with a friend who would like to write a novel. Our first conversation took two hours and was full of interesting questions about writing. I encouraged my friend to start writing and see where her ideas could take her. Now she has read a manuscript she wrote years ago and started to work on it. She has asked me many great questions on my Finnish Young Fighters blog and I'm going to write a post about them here too. I'm so glad I can help and motivate her! It's amazing  and motivating to see that my blogs are useful for others. 

All this is making me want to write all the time. Fortunately I have more time to write this week!

Writing is wonderful.


  1. Glad to see other writers so inspired. Can't wait to see the gifts you made! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah! I'm glad I have few days off now!

  3. Some really good movie choices - i always find it helps too when I'm stuck on how to get across an emotion to think back to episodes from TV series' I liked that captured the exact feeling/mood I'm after and use them as mini inspirations. Great blog post!

    1. TV series' are really helpful too! Glad you liked it!

  4. Being inspired is a great thing for a writer! Watching films and reading books really gets our creative juices flowing. I just finished reading the lengthy but absolutely amazing novel, The Book Thief. It really made me want to get back to work on my own WiP.

    When I first started my WiP I was doing it secretly. It was only something for myself at the beginning. One day at work I opened up and told a guy about it. What he said really surprised me: "Actually, I'm writing a novel, too." Ever since that day, we would ask each other weekly about our WiPs. It was great to have someone else who understood "writing".

    1. I just saw The Book Thief in a library and thought I should read it. Now I definitely have to!

      That's great! Talking about writing makes wonders. I love being a literature student because I'm surrounded by others who love to read and write.


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