The powerful device

The story of the computer chip begun when I kept asking myself, why Amy's grandfather got murdered. I wanted to give an credible explanation to Wayne's death, so I started to look for it from his life. Because he was a good person who would've never committed a crime, the reason had to be something else. That's how I decided to make him FBI agent who had done something that caughts criminal's eye. But what had he done?

I was also thinking of what makes Amy's life extraordinary. I couldn't just write something that sounds great but doesn't fit her character. I didn't even think of any paranormal or fantasy aspects because I wanted to write about things that have something to with our world, with Amy's world. I ended up writing about criminality, which was the road to the Young Fighters' world. The last thing I had to figure out was, what kind of crimes belong to Amy's life.

The way I found the answer really surprised me. I has just come home from school and was about to write down the ideas I had got during the day. When I opened my pencil case I found an item that shouldn't have been there. The item was about ten centimetres long, it's width was about two centimetres and it was quite thick. There were nine some kind of batterys in it, attached to a green plate. I had no idea what the thing was, but I thought it looked like a computer chip. It could have been a part of a toy or something.

I stared at the thing for a while and got it. A computer chip. Wayne planned and made a computer chip that is desired by criminals. These criminals are chasing Amy to get their hands on the chip and to use it in their purposes. 

The basic idea of Young Fighters was completed. I don't know where the mysterious item came from, but I kept it safe. I have lost and found it again several time during the years.

Afterwards I have planned the history of the chip, created the characters that were involved making the chip and most of all figured out what you are able to do with it. The purpose of the chip is to protect United States from organized criminality, terrorism and other serious threats. The most of it's abilities will be explained in the books, but I'll reveal that it's power is based to the information that's hidden in it, not the device itself. When you get your hands on the information you find, for example, insrtuctions of producing new weappons and how to protect yourself from them. So you can't do anythind with the chip if you don't learn how to use it.

By creating this device I want to show that people are responsible of how they use their knowledge. I also want to go deep into the choices people make and how the choices affect others - and tell about the reasons they have to do the things they do. Good and evil are represented in the events and in the characters of the series - and of course in the ways the characters use or would use the computer chip. I won't let it rest on shelf as distant target of interest. It would be boring. I want to use all the potential of the powerful device.

Here's some information of the device that changes Amy's life. Questions are welcome as always!


  1. That's a great lesson to show people through your work.

    1. That's true. It's interesting to see how I'll succeed.

  2. This sounds fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing and for stopping by my blog today! Best wishes and have a wonderful day! <3

    1. Thank you! <3 I'm so glad to hear that you liked this post! :)


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