My May

My May has been busy. I came back home to Imatra and started at my summer job. I sell strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, peas and potatoes five days a week, and I love my job! I've had lovely customers so far, and I have great co-workers. Our town is full of Russian tourists so I have a chance to speak English every day, which is also great.

I also received two books for review: Changed by Rose J.Bell and Reaper's novice by Cecilia Robert. I'm currently reading Changed and really enjoying it. I'd like to have more time to read, though.

Writing goes quite well again. The funny thing is, that writing goes better now when I'm working. Maybe my job inspires me or something. When I have a day off, writing gets harder.

That's about my May. How about yours?


Spoiling blurbs

I've seen a lot of spoiling blurbs lately. They're mostly blurbs of sequels and tell, for example, that someone died in the first book or what kind of things the main character will have to deal with in the sequel. I've seen this so much that I think twice before I read the blurb of an interesting book.

What happened? Why do we get so much information before we have a chance to open the book?

All the spoilers make me sad. When I find an interesting series, I'd really love to read more about it. But how can I do that if it costs me the joy of reading the books?

Have you noticed this? If you have, what do you think about it?


Fascinating La Gomera (2)

The trip continued to a restaurant where we ate lunch and heard the famous whistling language that residents of La Gomera have used on the mountains. The language is based on the sound of words so the man who was whistling could whistle Finnish words like 'kiitos' (thank you) even though he couldn't understand their meaning. It sounded really funny! Here's few pictures from the garden:

After lunch we visited the national park of Garajonai. When I saw the park I felt like I had stepped in a fairy tale world. The silence and the way the sun shined between trees was absolutely amazing. When I start to write a fantasy novel I'll definitely use the ideas I got in the park. These pictures won't tell how beautiful it was, but...

Here's two pictures of a huge lava tap and one picture of a rare phenomenon: we saw the top of El Teide but not the island of Tenerife.

So here are the last pictures from La Gomera. Hope you enjoy them! More pictures and stories from Tenerife coming soon.