Spoiling blurbs

I've seen a lot of spoiling blurbs lately. They're mostly blurbs of sequels and tell, for example, that someone died in the first book or what kind of things the main character will have to deal with in the sequel. I've seen this so much that I think twice before I read the blurb of an interesting book.

What happened? Why do we get so much information before we have a chance to open the book?

All the spoilers make me sad. When I find an interesting series, I'd really love to read more about it. But how can I do that if it costs me the joy of reading the books?

Have you noticed this? If you have, what do you think about it?


  1. I have noticed that book descriptions for sequels etc usually give away key parts of the first book, but I've sort of come to expect that now. I usually avoid reading them if I am planning to pick up the first installment any time soon. It is very annoying to have a book spoiled for you though...

  2. Interesting observation.

    I try to avoid blurbs as much as possible and end up usually reading them after completing the book.

    This also goes for introductions written by critics/writers/celebrities for classic novels. Some give the game away in the first paragraph, while others will say, "If you've yet to read this book, please read this introduction AFTER". The problem is that you don't know if they will reveal something or not, so its usually better to put it off until later.

    I also try to avoid telling people what I am currently reading, too. Last week my colleague said she had once read the book I am reading but had forgotten it. One minute later she says, "Wait, I remember now! That's the one where _________ dies, isn't it?"

    I was mortified.

    1. Oh no! It's terrible when something like that happens.

  3. It's tough for sequels not to give some things away. I think that's why some publishers don't release those blurbs until closer to the sequel's release date. Personally, I just don't read the blurbs for sequels. I dive right into the book instead.


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