Review: Heartbeat by Faith Sullivan

Adam and Katie are afraid of love. 

She carries the scars of a first kiss gone terribly wrong. 

He uproots his life the flee the stinging betrayal of an ex.

When trust is no longer an option, all romance is suspect.

As a young paramedic, Adam rescues people for a living but cannot save himself. Katie, just out of high school, struggles with a tortured home life she cannot escape.

Everything changes when Katie hops into the front seat of Adam's ambulance. Overwhelmed by what they are feeling, neither possess the confidence to make the first move. They walk away from each other, full of regret.

To find her, Adam risks his future. To be with him, Katie sacrifices her safety.

Little do they know, what the little time they have, is  being measured by a heartbeat that is slowly dying out.

My thoughts:

Oh boy how beautiful and sad this story is. I really loved the characters and how emotional the events were. I also loved the surprising beginning - I don't remember that I'd read a beginning like that before.

The lovers of the novel, Adam and Katie, are great persons. It's easy to connect with them, which is always a part of a good book. Katie suffers the behavior of her father, and Adam tries to heal himself after being betrayed. These hard experiences bring them closer to each other and show what kind of people they are. The author introduces them scene by scene, which fits the story really well. Adam and Katie clear their heads  and deal with their emotions slowly. It feels realistic and makes their reunion even better.

Grief walks hand in hand with love in their relationship throughout the novel. It's heartbreaking to see how unfair their life is and how many ways they have to suffer. Their story really makes you feel something. I felt somehow empty after reading this book - I couldn't think of anything after reading the last page. Even though I guessed how the book ends, it shocked me and almost made me cry. 

One of the best things in this book was that it's written both Katie's and Adam's point of view. This made me feel like I was living with them, not only reading about their lives. Heartbeat a great debut that I will enjoy more than once.

My rating: 4,5/5