In a black notebook

I was at work when I suddenly had an idea how to write a difficult scene. I realized I'd forgotten to take a notebook with me, so I had to write my thoughts on a little piece of paper. This happened few weeks ago and made me think of what I've written in the thick, black notebook I usually carry with me.

I've made a lot of notes during the writing process. I scanned through the pages and found two plans for the plot (the first one I made last year and the newest is the one I follow now) and few for chapters that have been difficult to write. I've put down some sentences, ideas, paragraphs and important details that I'm afraid to forget: for example new information of the characters.

There were some surprises in the notebook, too. I didn't remember how much I had written about the progress of my novel - word counts, page counts, plot holes... I also saw notes of a new story I'm slowly planning.

I do all this because it's impossible to remember everything. Especially when you're writing a series there are many details that affect the future of the characters and play a special role in the story. The notes are also great memories that help you to share your writing process with others.

Questions for you: What kind of notes do you make when you write a novel? Do you make notes at all? And if you could choose an author who's notes you'd like to read, who would you pick?