Hello everyone

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've had so many things to do: work, meeting friends, packing... Now I'm back in Joensuu and it's time to write the posts I didn't write and read the books I didn't read in summer. I have missed blogging!

I have to tell a funny thing about a book I finished yesterday. Few days ago, I was reading A discovery of witches (it's great, by the way!) by Deborah Harkness. The characters were called Diana, Matthew, Ysabeau, Marthe, Hamish and so on. Suddenly I met an evil, Finnish witch called Satu Järvinen. The funny thing was that the name is like the most ordinary name in Finland. Oh boy how much I laughed! I wonder how the author picked that name.

Next time I'll write few thoughts about Dan Brown and his novels. See you soon!


  1. I often wonder how authors choose names. I know mine usually just pop into my head. All my characters just come with names, though not always last names. Even when I was pregnant with my daughter, I just said, her name is Ayla. And I didn't even consider other names.

    1. That's great! It makes writing easier.


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