Review: Come what may by Faith Sullivan

When I finished Heartbeat, the first book of the Heartbeat trilogy, I knew I had found an unique author. The second book, Come what may, proved me right. It's a book you won't forget easily.

Adam is a mess after what happened with Katie. He has problems with school and alcohol, terrible nightmares make him fear falling asleep and he has sex with girls he really doesn't care about. The nice, protective and loving Adam is lost and now there's just a ghost of him with a broken heart. The way Faith describes his situation makes you really feel his pain. The language is vivid and the events that show how lost Adam is feel like they were from real life.

When he meets Jada he starts to see the light in life. They work together as an ambulance partners, which makes Adam think Jada is forbidden. Jada fights against depression and tries to live with a tragedy from the past. She's drawn to Adam but doesn't know if he's worth the trust. She's smart and strong and her confusion is described really well. I understood her completely and hoped she would see past the worst part of Adam.

I enjoyed the journey Jada and Adam took together. It's rocky and complicated. Sometimes it's so hard it could make me cry. But love is never easy in real life, and Faith isn't afraid of showing it in her books. Jada and Adam face things that could destroy everything they have, but they keep fighting and growing. That's the reason I love Faith's writing so much. Come what may is much more than romance, more than just a story about a woman and a man finding each other. It's an emotional book with strong, unique voice, vivid story and a very surprising ending. Absolutely worth reading.

My rating: 4.5 stars


  1. Oh my goodness! You are wearing the Kelly's Coven button proudly! :D That made me so happy to see. Thank you. I'm really excited that you joined.

    I love Faith. She's an amazing writer and person. I always jump at the chance to read one of her books.

    1. Of course I am! :D It's great to be part of it all.

      Me too, she's absolutely amazing.


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