Kelly's Coven and more awesome things

My life has been full of events lately.

1. Review, Kelly's Coven, an article and Face of death

In January I reviewed Stalked by death by Kelly Hashway. She loved the review, which made me really happy. In February I joined her street team, Kelly's Coven. The name is cool, isn't it? As a member of the street team I'll spread the word of Kelly's books on my blog, facebook an other ways that come to my mind. This week I'm writing an article about her for Itäkynä (comes from words 'itä' that means 'east' and 'kynä' that means 'pen'), the paper of our student organization, Täky. 

Today I came to Joensuu after a short winter holiday. Five books were waiting for me, and one of them was Face of death, the third book of Kelly's Touch of death trilogy. When I read the acknowledgements I saw my name in the text! Kelly thanked me and the other book bloggers who have supported her from the very start of her books series. Wow. You know how much I love her and her books, so you won't be surprised to hear I was moved and very happy.

2. A week in Tenerife

In February I spent a week in Tenerife with my mom. Pure awesomeness. I got some great ideas for both the fantasy novel and Young Fighters. I'm going to write a post about them soon.

3. Daughtry's show in Helsinki

Yes, I saw Daughtry few days ago!! It was the first time ever. I loved every minute. I'll post something about the show in a few weeks.

4. Plotting our fantasy novel with Aleksi

On Sunday I met Aleksi to make plans for our novel. We made huge progress and had so much fun! Now we're at the point where we can start to write. More info coming on Friday. 

5. Studies, studies, studies

I feel like I was drowning in essays and classics and lectures and exams. No more words needed.

I hope I'm not this busy in March. At least I have a lot of topics to write about. How are you guys?


  1. Ida, I couldn't be happy to have you in Kelly's Coven. You've been so supportive since the beginning of my career, which is why you had to be included in the acknowledgements for Face of Death. Thank you for all you do.

    1. It's my pleasure ;) I'm already looking forward to writing a review of Face of death.


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