Experiences of coauthoring(1): Combining ideas

In the beginning of January Aleksi and I talked a lot about the powers of our main characters. The basic idea of the power system is that there are six different groups of supernatural skills. These skills (I won't give away more about them, yet) have a connection and take a long time to develop. Aleksi's first idea was that all the main characters will have the same skills. I wanted to give them different powers and specialize on only one group of skills. Aleksi's idea was based on similarity and I focused on individuality, so we had a problem. The big question in was how to find a combination that would both do justice to the story and respect Aleksi's original idea of the creatures I was creating with him.

I spent a few days thinking of this. Then, suddenly, I got it. I suggested that the characters would be best at the skills they'll develop first, also at the first group of skills they'll get connected with. After this they will develop their powers group by group until they have all the skills. This way they would be both similar and individual. Aleksi was happy with the idea, and so was I. I think the combination is better than our original ideas.

I think that finding a solution like this requires trust and a clear goal. Now when I'm plotting or planning a scene, I think of the story and ask myself if my idea is the best for the story. If it's not, I'll talk with Aleksi to make it to it's best. It's amazing to see what we are able to do together.


  1. That's great how you came up with a solution to your different views on the character's powers. Co-authoring needs to have a lot of mutual planning and agreement before you can move forward with writing.

    I love that you are sharing your co-authoring experience. I'm learning so much about it from you. :)

  2. That's true. There's always someone you have to ask an opinion.

    I'm so glad to hear it, Kelly! :)


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