My goals in 2015

Last year wasn't very good for blogging. I don't know why. Maybe I had too much going on. Maybe I just didn't know how to continue after all the difficulties I'd had with writing. But it's a new year now, and I'm determined to bring my blog back to life.

So here are the goals I've set myself this year:

1. To blog more. A lot more.
2. To write more reviews. I have a pile of books I haven't reviewed yet that I'd really love to. I love to write about books, and since I'm studying literature, I usually have a lot to say about them.
3. To share more things about my life. Like I said, there's so much going on right now. And I want you to know what.
4. To share more experiences that are somehow connected to writing, reading and blogging.
5. To start new post series. I have some ideas on my mind already, so stay tuned. Maybe I'll create a blogging challenge or something.
6. To plan posts and write them ahead.
7. To share more pictures I've taken.
8. To tell you more about Finland, our culture, language...
9. To promote the author's I love.
10. To share the books I but (at least the English editions)

I'm back, this time for real. If I have time, I'll post the next post next week. See you soon! How is your January going?


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