Gone with the BA thesis(#1): What's going on

The Big Thing in my life right now is my BA thesis. During the next three months I'll be working on (mostly) the analysis. The length of the text will be something between 25 and 35 pages, so I have a lot of work to do. I'm excited, because I love to dive in a fictional world and analyze, and analyze,,. And because it's always nice to talk about literature, I've decided to start a new post series which will be about the process, my thoughts of making research, academic writing, Finnish university life and the book series I'm analyzing: Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. 

I've already written about the process in my Finnish book blog, which means I have a few posts to catch up. But, this is a start, and I'm looking forward to share the biggest step in my academic career with you. On the next post I will tell you why I chose the Divergent trilogy and how I feel about my choice now.

How has your February started? And have you read the Divergent trilogy?


  1. I loved Divergent. Insurgent left me feeling a little blah though. I still need to read Allegiant. I'm hoping it's as good as Divergent was so the series ends on a good note.

    1. Many have said the same. I liked both Insurgent and Allegiant a lot but not quite as much as Divergent.


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